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Gator In Field in Tiller Ark

About 5ft long in the middle of a field in Tillar Arkansas. The gator was on the old tillar highway going toward Selma, AR.

Photos Courtesy of Viewer


Single Vehicle Accident on HWY 35 in Collins Ark

In the photos above you see a chevy tahoe in a field in Collins Ark (Drew County)

Photos courtesy of Dermott Arkansas Fire Department

2 Vehicle Accident on Highway 35 & 65 in Chicot County Ark



Photos courtesy of Chicot County Office of Emergency Management and Dermott Arkansas Fire Department.

1 Over Turned Log Truck in Crossett Ark

13115730_1145489662138362_459059837_nThere was a single log truck overturned in Crossett Arkansas.

Star Daze Festival 2016 with The Zac Dunlap Band



Zach Dunlap Band in Star City Arkansas 4/16/16 from Southeast Arkansas Weather on Vimeo.


The Star Daze Festival occurs every year in April and usually consists of 2 days in a row of fun games, carnival rides, and some pretty amazing music. And as tradition goes, for the past 13 years, they line up to have a big name artist come to our small “Tailgate Town” and put on a free concert. This years 2016 line-up consisted of more than one big name artist or group. We were graced with the presence of the classic country artist LeeAnn Womack’s daughter, Aubrie Sellers ; following her was then Big Hitter No Quitter, Granger Smith/ Earl Dibbles Jr.  Now is where our topic comes in, because today I had the honor and privilege or interviewing and hearing a great Country music talent called The Zac Dunlap Band. Lead by Mr. Zac Dunlap, himself, and his wife of 4 wonderful years, Hannah Dunlap. Mr. and Mrs. Dunlap also have an adorable 3 year old son. And according to The Dunlap Crew, this was their VERY FIRST Star Daze festival visit and also this made it Zac’s first Visit to Star City, and to say the least, I do believe he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  As far as their Preformance goes, they have an absolutely breathtaking act and really amazing music. This couple and this band are in all ways as humble and modest as I have ever seen anybody to be. I noticed this as Hannah called up to the stage, her former neighbor, a 9 year old young lady by the name of Kara Marie, to come and help her sing a song that Mrs. Hannah had personally wrote, and as I listened and watched my heart was touched and I was moved because a move like that is a very rare site among famous; or even semi- famous; groups now-a-days. And finally at the end of their show, they came out to their Merch Tent and greeted their fans with smiles and hugs and selfies all around. It was a real blessing to meet this wonderful couple and their son, and also their band. Their talent tells me that they have a long and amazing journey ahead of them on the road to fame! Good Luck to you all, and God Bless!


Welcome Back

Welcome back to South Ark Daily we are experiencing some post have been deleted due to our current hosting provider did not tell our owner to backup his website until yesterday he got the message. But we have saved a text copy of the site post which will be re added in the coming days so that we can start back from where we left off at. Yesterday one of reporters got a lifetime experience to interview country singer Zach Dunlap that interview will be posted on here later today.  Thanks for making South Ark Daily your #1 news blog for all of South Ark