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One Year Annviersary Of 2016 Flood In Southeast Arkansas 

On March 10th 2016 Southeast Arkansas had been getting lots of rain that was filling up bayous and rivers and creeks with lots of rain that was making them rise up due to excessive amounts of water flowing their them.


Nicole Bilbrey

21, McGehee Ark Police,


Aggravated Assault, Domestic Battery – 3rd Deg

Arkansas Department Of Education Tells Dermott Ark School District Is A Success 

The Arkansas Department Of Education held a meeting at the Dermott Ark School to say Dermott Ark School District is a Success.  

Sylvester Mcelroy

38, Lincoln County Ark Sheriff,


Richard Lewis

34, Lincoln County Ark Sheriff,


One Year Anniversary Of Lake Chicot March 10th 2016 Flood


Little Blount

53, Lincoln County Ark Sheriff

Herman Austin

37, Lincoln County Ark Sheriff,