Daily Archives: March 16, 2017

South Ark Weather 2017 #1 Youtuber MoneyKicks

A Youtuber from the UAE (United Arab Emrites) in Dubai India vlogs about his sneaker collection with celebrity’s from around the world come to his family farm. 


2017 Star City Ark Chamber Of Commerce Winners

3 of the winners and Rep. Mike Holcomb

On Tuesday the Star City Ark Chamber Of Commerce announced their 2017 winners

Man of the year: Tim Rawls

Women of the year: Susan Knight

Community Volunteer of the year: Richie Cowen

Business of the year: Village Steakhouse

And the 2017 officers.

Elect David Anderson For Mayor Of Monticello Ark

Interim mayor of Monticello Ark David Anderson has signs around the city of Monticello Ark asking residents to vote for him in the special election in May for Monticello Ark Mayor.