2018 Drew County Arkansas Election Results

County Judge

Jessie Griffin (R) – 2344

Robert Akin (I) – 2991


Tim Nichols (I) – 2189

Mark Gober (D) – 3191

County Clerk

Lyna Gulledge (D) –

Vickey Haycox (I) –

City Of Wilmar Ark Mayor

Toni Perry (D) –

City of Jerome Ark Mayor

Glen Reynolds (I) –

City Of Tillar Ark Mayor

Lemuel Overton (I) –

Monticello Ark Mayor

Joe Rogers (I) – 809

Paige Chase (I) – 1404

City Council / Alderman Ward 1 P1

Sheena Garrard (I) –

Cedric Leonard (I) –

Winchester Ark Mayor

Sheree Jackson (I) –

General Alexander (I) –

LeVorn Cotton (I) –

Demetrous Trotter (I) –

Winchester Ark Pos 2.

Beverly Horn (I) –

Jacqueline Alexander (I) –

Jude White (I) –

Winchester Ark Pos 3

Earl Railey (I) –

Etta Railey (I) –

Winchester Ark P4

Matilda Chaney (I) –

Thomas Horn Jr. (I) –


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