2018 Ouachita County Ark Election Results

Bearden Ark Mayor – Ginger Bailey (I)

Bearden Ark Alderman W1/P1 – Mitchell Pate (I)

Bearden Ark Alderman W1/P2 – Sherry Hiller (I)

Bearden Ark Alderman W2/P1 – Melvia Buckley (I)

Bearden Ark Alderman W2/P2 – Phillip Lambert (I)

Camden Ark Mayor – Julian Lott (I)

Camden Ark Alderman W1/P1 – James Bell (I)

Stephens Ark Mayor – Harry Brown (I)

Stephens Ark Alderman W2/P1 – Kevin Hollis (I)

Stephens Ark Alderman W2/P2 – Terry Cox (I)

Chidester Ark Mayor – Bobby J. Box Sr. (I)

East Camden Ark Mayor – Angie McAdoo (I)

Circuit Clerk – Gladys Nettles (D)

















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