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Chicot County Judge Ball Scammer Report To Citizens

Scam alert: Telephone scammers impersonating county officials, asking for credit card information
The Association of Arkansas Counties has become aware of a telephone scam in which someone who said he worked for a county clerk’s office contacted an accounting firm. Caller ID wrongfully indicated the caller was calling from the county clerk’s office. The scammer stated that the accountant owed money to the county, and then the caller requested credit card information. County officials and county offices will NEVER contact a resident or business via telephone or e-mail to request credit card information. If you receive such a phone call, do not give the caller any information, particularly credit card or other financial information. Hang up immediately and contact your local law enforcement officials. We also encourage you to contact the county office that was impersonated to make them aware of the scam. The phone number for the Arkansas Attorney General’s Consumer Protection hotline is (800) 482-8982.


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