Clown Threatens El Dorado Ark School Via Facebook


    Statement from El Dorado Ark School District El Dorado Schools’ administrators have been made aware of a Facebook page posing threats to some of our schools. The El Dorado Police Department and the El Dorado School District believe that the threat is not credible, but we take this seriously and are taking every precaution to keep our students and staff safe. The El Dorado Police Department is investigating the matter and working with us to provide extra security for our schools as needed. All schools will be in regular session tomorrow. Please contact our administration or the El Dorado Police Department immediately if you see social media posts that threaten our schools. Please do not share threatening posts with friends or followers. If you have any questions, please contact us via private message or call Jim Tucker at our administration office at 864-5006. An update will be given as more information becomes available.


    According to Union County Ark Sheriff McGough the El Dorado Ark Police are working with Facebook about a post that was posted about a clown going to come to El Dorado Ark High School to kidnap children and hurt teachers.



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