Dermott Ark Mayor Visits Dermott Ark School District


Mrs. Toney’s Leadership and Service Learning Class was visited by Dermott’s Mayor today. Mrs. Toney invited the mayor to join the students with our 1st Local Leaders in the classroom session.

Mayor Walter Donald spoke to the students about hard work, dedication, leadership, goals, and giving back to the community.

Mayor Donald talked to the students about perseverance, rising, challenges, and obstacles.

He asked the seniors in the class what would they be doing on May 17, 2019 which is the day after graduation. The seniors said it really made them think after he shared the quote “it will be hard to get to where you’re going without a map” A map in this case would be a plan!

The students really enjoyed Mayor Donald and look forward to other local leaders visiting in the future!

Thank you Mayor Donald for serving our community!



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