Eudora Ark FD Battles House Fire On Swanigan St Infront Of Mother Goose Day Care Center


At 3:349 pm Eudora Ark FD was paged out to Swanigan St for a house fire infront of Mother Goose Day Care Center. At 4:55 p.m Ross Van Ness Wellford Ark FD was paged out to assit Eudora Ark FD with the house fire on Swanigan St.

Ross Van Ness-Wellford Ark FD : Busy weekend for the department, Thanks to all of our Volunteers and there commitments and dedication to help our communities! Say thanks to a First Responder, wherever you see them. They take time from their day’s and families to provide the services needed to better our communities. Thanks guy’s for all you do!



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