Hamburg Ark Fire Dept Wins 2019 Fireman Cup By The Zach Dunlap Band & Free Concert


A HUGE congratulations to the city of Hamburg, Arkansas!!! ??They received the most votes and are the 2019 Firemen’s Cup Challenge Winners! The trophy is officially coming back your way with a free town concert to celebrate!! ?? It was close all the way until the last 48 hours and Hamburg respectfully pulled away with the most votes! We were absolutely blown away by all of the support across Arkansas and multiple other states for their hometown fire departments! There were so many wonderful towns and departments represented!

It means so much to us that no matter where you live or who you voted for, we all came together to continue supporting this great cause in a fun friendly manner! Thank you to all of the Firemen that work so hard to make our communities safe! Hamburg we will be coordinating with your VFD officials for the date and time of the concert! See you soon!!! ???? #CONGRATS #FiremensCupChallenge #ThankYou #SupportLocalVFD #ZDB



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