Sam’s Southern Eatery Now Open At 240 HWY 65 S In Dumas Ark

Dumas‼️‼️ We are here!! Sam’s Southern Eatery is now open‼️‼️ We are located at 240 Highway 65 South Dumas!! If you want to call ahead the number is (870) 341-4705 or 370-3617

*Take out orders only*

*we also sell salads, chicken livers/gizzards, Fried green tomatoes ‼️‼️‼️


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  • JD , October 21, 2018 @ 8:20 am

    Wow! This place has great food, but the customer service is the worst ever. I was in the area for funeral and was informed of how good the food was. So, I decided to try a fish dinner on Friday night. Never knew a business used their personal mobile phone to take orders. When I called, no one answered and a few minutes later I received a call, from the business, and the lady said , “I am sorry I missed your call.” Rather odd, but ok so I placed my order. The next day, I wanted to try the grilled catfish. As I began placing my order, the gentleman stated, “It will be twenty minutes.” Which was not a statement that should be stated before someone gives their order, but oh well maybe that how it is done there. He rushed through my order so fast, I knew he was not going to have it correct so I decided to go there to make sure. Long story short, he did not have the order correct after I told him three times, he charged me $51.00 for one 4 piece grilled fish and shrimp dinner, an 8 piece shrimp dinner, and two pieces of grilled fish. Which the order was initially 3- 4 piece grilled fish dinners only one with grilled shrimp, and the 8 piece shrimp dinner. After explaining the orders once again, he still act as if he didn’t understand. So after finally completing the order, and I had already paid him $51, he wanted to charge me another $10 for the order. Negative! So he asked for the food back and he would refund the money. Then he tried to give me $31 back stating this is what I gave him. Lies!! I did get all of my money after arguing with him for 15 minutes but I will NEVER go there again. Words of advice- Hire staff to help. You can’t take orders, prepare the food, and be the cashier at the same time!

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