Woodlawn Ark School District Lock Down This Morning

On Tuesday 08-23-16, at approximately 10:20 A.M. the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department received a report of a male individual sitting in a truck on the parking lot of the Woodlawn Store, who was threatening to commit suicide. Officers were dispatched to the location and due to the location of the incident, the Woodlawn School was notified and asked to lock down the school.
Officers arriving at the Woodlawn Store determined the individual had left the store in the truck. As a precaution officers were positioned at the school. A short time later the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department was notified that the individual had been involved in an accident in Pine Bluff and was being transported to the Jefferson Regional Medical Center.
At that time school officials at Woodlawn were notified and the lockdown was cancelled at approximately 10:45A.M.


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