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Arkansas Commercial Truck Safety and Education Program Applications Now Available

The Arkansas Highway Commission is pleased to announce the next application cycle for the Arkansas Commercial Truck Safety and Education Program (ACTSEP) began Tuesday,March 1.

ACTSEP is a grant program that funds truck safety and education efforts through cooperative public/private programs that focus on increased enforcement, regulatory compliance, industry training, and educational programs to ensure the safe movement of goods on Arkansas highways.

ACTSEP is the first program jointly involving the trucking industry and the Arkansas Department of Transportation to ensure improved commercial truck safety on state highways. It is funded with the first $2 million collected annually from a 15% registration fee increase for certain trucks operating in Arkansas under the International Registration Plan.  

Applications are available at:

To be considered for funding, applications must be received at the Arkansas Department of Transportation address listedabove by 4 p.m. on May 1, 2023.

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