Ashley County Sheriff Surprise Ashley County Ark Boy With New Bike After His Was Stolen

A week ago an Ashley County Ark boy’s bikes were  stolen from him. Ashley County Ark Sheriff Tommy Sturgeon and Investagoir Josh Pollock found one of his bikes and bought him a another one.

Ashley County Ark Sheriff Dept Investagatior Pollock says It was a honor for US (the Ashley County Sheriff Department)to do this for Kayson. I did not realize that pictures where being taken lol. But with all the negativity going around about guys like me who wear a badge if someone don’t start teaching our youth that there is more to the law enforcement community than what gets put out there, this is gonna be a terrible place to live. So thank you all but remember there are many of us that wear a badge wanting to help in any way we can even if it means replacing a bicycle or giving up our own life… So next time you see a badge no matter which department it represents take your time and meet the man behind it you may just discover we are all humans. We make mistakes along the way but it’s what a person learns from a mistake that makes him or her better in life. Thanks for all the nice comments and I want all of you to know it’s an honor to work in this county and I look forward to many many years unless the big guy in the sky has other plans. God bless you all and have a wonderful day.

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