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Bradley County Ark Rural Fire Dept Gets Certificates For Firefighters From Arkansas Fire Training Academy

? Certificates Awarded ?

The Arkansas Fire Training Academy, Camden, AR awarded certificates to the following firefighters of BCRFD, having successfully completed “FFI Fire BEHAVIOR” training on

November 13, 2018.

? Steve Acuapa, Hoseman BCRFD

? Christopher Hammock, Hoseman BCRFD

? Andy Green, Hoseman WFD and BCRFD

? Ruston Grider, Hoseman WFD and BCRFD, Pleasantville FD Assistant Fire Chief

? Bryan Meeks, Hoseman WFD and BCRFD

? Derek Reynolds, Hoseman BCRFD and Treasure of BCR Firefighter Assc.

? Randy Reynolds, Hoseman BCRFD

? Kenneth Saunders, Engineer BCRFD and President of BCR Firefighter Assc.

? James Temple, Hoseman BCRFD

? Michael Thornton, Hoseman BCRFD

? Jeff Wardlaw, Hoseman BCRFD and Johnsville FD

? Eddie West, BCRFD Fire Chief, Training Officer

? Sharon West, Media Coordinator BCRFD

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