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Bradley County Arkansas Man Flees From Police After Fishing Without License

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On April 29, 2023, I, Game Warden Powell, and L.t Greer was performing compliance checks at the community pond in between Monticello Intermediate, and Monticello Middle Schools. While walking over to speak with (2) subjects, the gentlemen immediately started to pack up their equipment and walk towards their truck. I then announced myself to the gentlemen, and requested to see their fishing licenses. The gentlemen complied with the request, but only one had active fishing privileges.

The gentlemen were already in violation due to specific regulations related to the community pond in which they were fishing. The pond requires sportsman to meet one of the following criteria: 65+ years of age, or the sportsman must have someone under the age of 16 accompanying them at the pond. The regulations associated with the pond also permits handicapped/disabled license holders to fish the waters.

While performing the compliance checks, one of the gentleman, Stormy R. Foreman, was acting in a nervous manner. I asked our dispatch to perform a 10-51 check on the gentlemen, and in return dispatch stated that Mr. Foreman was 10-53 out of Bradley County and he also has a nationwide felony absconder warrant out of the board of parole. After learning of this, I attempted to talk with Mr. Foreman in an effort to calm him down.

I then advised Mr. Foreman that I would need him to put his phone on the toolbox of my truck. Mr. Foreman then asked “Why?” | repeated the request to him, and he then stated “Nah, I can’t do that bro” as he was running away. Mr. Foreman made it to the wood line and was reaching in his pocket while continually running away. At this point, the foot pursuit ended and Monticello PD, and the Drew County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived on scene.

Deputy Chris Austin was able to utilize his K-9, Aiko, in an effort to track Mr. Foreman. Mr. Foreman was found by Monticello PD a short time after on the opposite side of the woods near the Presbyterian home in Monticello. Foreman was taken under arrest, and in a “pat down” search, Methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia was found in his pocket. One of the Officers on scene with Monticello PD, Sgt. Ben Michael, asked if we wanted them take over since they were the ones that found the Methamphetamine on Mr. Foreman. Neither I, nor Lt. Greer had any issues with them taking over the case, so all charges and arrests were turned over to Monticello PD.

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