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Bradley County Arkansas Sheriff Dept Received Numerous Complaints Of Unemployment Fraud

July 24, 2020

The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office has been receiving numerous complaints of Unemployment Fraud. The first came in on 7/13/2020, and they have continued.

What is happening is, somehow people are getting other people’s information and trying to file unemployment to receive benefits in other people’s name. The Attorney General is aware of this and I believe has a task force set up attempting to deal with the issue.

If your employer receives a notice that you have filed for unemployment even though you haven’t, the following is what you need to do:

1). Don’t Panic.
2). Get a copy or bring the original notice that was sent to your employer to the Sheriff’s Office.
3). Come to the Sheriff’s Office with that unemployment notice, you will fill out a voluntary statement.
4). A report will be typed, it will be on file, and be sent to the Unemployment Office.

We should all expect these kind of things with everything going on, but just be smart, and apply common sense and everything will be alright.

Thank you,

Lieutenant Josh Bolland
Bradley County Sheriff’s Office

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