Calhoun County ArkPolice /Legal

Calhoun County Arkansas Sheriff Department Weekly Arrest Report

8/24 Lantrell Hamilton, 35 of Fordyce,  Failure to Pay Fines and Cost. HPD

8/24 Vurnetta Martin, 23 of Eldorado, Hold for Other Agency. EPD

8/24 Landa Russell, 57 of Thornton,  Failure to Pay fine and Cost. CCSO

8/25 Xaiver Franklin, 24, Failure to Appear. CCSO

8/25 Christopher Temple, 37 of Mount Holly, Driving on Suspended. CCSO

8/26Aaron Baugus, 32 of Camden, Failure to Pay fine and Cost. CCSO

8/27 Charlotte Wilburn, 38 of Canton, MS, Felony warrant out of Dallas Tx. ASP

8/29/ Donald Belin,51 of Fordyce, Failure to Pay fine and Cost. CCSO

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