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Chicot County Ark Sheriff Dept Investigating Accidental Shooting On 16th Section Road On August 21st

On August 21,2018 at 7:13 PM, Chicot County 911 received a call from 1379 Sixteen Section Road, Lake Village, Arkansas. A man on the line stated that he had accidentally shot his son. Deputy Ashley, Auxiliary Deputy McNemar, Sheriff Nichols,and two ambulances responded to the scene, which Air-Evac was contacted. Upon arrival we found a 14 year old male with gunshot wound to the head. He was air-lifted to UMC in Jackson, Mississippi by Air-Evac.

Investigator Tony Booker was contacted immediately, in which he worked the accident scene. The father, Ronnie Nelson, was taken to Chicot County Sheriff’s Office for questioning.

On Thursday morning at approximately 12:16 AM, Christopher Nelson, died from the gunshot wound he sustained.

Due to the circumstances of this case we were unable to release information earlier, thank you for your patience in this matter. Please remember this is an on-going investigation by Chicot County Sheriff’s Department. I would just like to ask everyone to pray for this young man and his family, also us at the Chicot County Sheriff Department and the EMS employees.

Thanks and May God Bless,

Sheriff Ronald Nichols

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