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Chicot County Ark Sheriff Dept Investigating Mailbox Thieves

Good Afternoon on this Friday 13th, hope all is well. Our mailbox thieves from across the river are at it again!!! Our residents on Lakehall Road and Stuart Island have been hit! We are currently working on 3 cases. We were notified by banks in Greenville, in which they questioned some checks that were being cashed that had been altered. If you have mailed out checks and have not received credit to whom you were paying, please contact your bank and see if your account has been debited for them. If you have checks that have been processed through your bank and you have not received the proper credit to whom written, please contact me at 870-265-8020. Please help us and check on your elderly neighbors that may have mailed out checks this past week and advise them to do the same.

We are asking for your help in watching each other’s mailboxes for any suspicious vehicles or persons. If you suspect anything suspicious please don’t hesitate to call us at 870-265-8020 or 911.

May God Bless,

Sheriff Ronald Nichols

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