Chlorine Tanks Leaks At Chicot County Ark Water Treatment Building 

On Friday June 30th Chicot County Ark OEM got a call from 911 and fire Chief Robert Bunn in Eudora about a 150lb chlorine tank leaking at the water treatment building in the city limits of Eudora. the tank was outside so that made it very hazardous because of off gassing in a public area. Once Chicot County Office Of Emergency Managment  arrived Chicot County Office Of Emergency Managment saw that the valve was broke and called the tank company that just delivered it. They in turned called a HazMat team out of Jackson Ms. once the team arrived they put that container in a vessel and transported it back to their site. At no time anyone was in danger or no one was evacuated. Thank for your help Chief Bunn and help contain it.

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