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City Of Crossett AR Has Increase Of Clogging Of Lift Stations Due To Increase Of Flushing Of Wet Wipes, Rags, Other Flushable

Please help! We are all in this together and feeling the ripple effects of COVID-19. The City Of Crossett AR has already had an increase in issues and clogging of lift stations due to utility users flushing wet wipes, rags, and other “flushable” fabric materials into the sewer.

This is a PSA – please only flush toilet paper and human waste!. Wipes, rags and other “flushable” fabrics gum up the system, clog pipes and pumps, and cost taxpayers and residents lots of money in additional maintenance costs. If you must use wipes, put them in the trash, not the toilet.

Many homeowners have experienced plumbing problems because of wipes, so you may have expensive maintenance issues at home if you flush them. This should be normal everyday practice. Thank you for your cooperation.

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