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City Of Monticello AR Issues Statement About Coronavirus

The City of Monticello is urging all citizens to follow CDC and AR Dept. of Health guidelines closely. Those include:
wash your hands often
Avoid close contact
Stay home if you are sick
Cover coughs and sneezes
Clean frequently used surfaces
The questions you should ask yourself when traveling are:
Does the trip include a large gathering?
Is there a confirmed case in the state to which you are traveling?
Will you be traveling with the elderly?
Are you going to drive or utilize mass transportation?
Are there safer options?
“I’d like for people to understand that the danger may not be to the individual themselves, but to the elderly, very young and/or immune suppressed with whom they come in contact. Please think of others as you go about your daily lives, which we do encourage you to do,” Mayor Paige Chase.
UAM is also following CDC and Health Dept. guidelines and using caution to make decisions about our campus. The campus is not closed but, with reduced congregation the chances of contamination are greatly reduced.
Our local school districts are also in constant contact with the AR Dept. of Education about their requirements for holding classes during a pandemic. They are also taking measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus within the schools.This is a fluid situation with changes happening quickly. We are trying to stay as up to date as possible.

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