Effective March 7, 2023

All cemetery plot purchases must be coordinated with and approved by the Cemetery Manager.

Payment for plots and grave openings must be verified as paid in full by the City of Monticello
Finance Department prior to burial. No exceptions.

Monument setting fees must be paid in full prior to placement.

Due to plot availability limitations, no payment plans or installments are accepted.

All fees and costs are to be paid DIRECTLY to the City of Monticello Finance Department.
Payments made after operating hours may be paid to the Cemetery Manager. Arkansas Code 14-

59-115 Section 2 (B) states “the governing body of a municipality may not assign duties relating to the receipting or disbursing of funds to anyone other than an employee of the municipality”.

The City of Monticello will not approve any burial requests where associated fees were paid to a 3r party after March 7, 2023.

Upon purchasing a plot, a receipt for the plot will be provided to the purchaser only by the Cemetery Manager or Finance Department Staff. Please retain this receipt for your records.

Deeds for the plots will be mailed to the plot purchasers) within (10) business days.

Fee Schedule

Plots – $500.00 each

Gate Fee – $100.00 each

Flat Monument Setting – $25.00 each

Upright Monument Setting – $50.00 each

Contact the City of Monticello Finance Department at 870-367-4400 for any questions pertaining to this policy. For after hours or emergency plot purchases please contact the Monticello Police Department at

870-367-3411. The Cemetery Manager, William Pennington, will be contacted by the Police Department.

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