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Company A Dance & Studios Coming Soon To Monticello Arkansas


Excited to announce that Company A Dance and Studios will be making its first debut August 1st. More information will be posted soon through my account and Company A Dance and Studios personal page. It has always been a dream since I was a little girl to have my own dance studio. After being given an amazing opportunity to start this dream of mine, I just could not turn it down. I appreciate everyone who has helped me and taught me in the dance world. (They know who they are.) You all will never be forgotten and always have a special place in my heart. ❤️ I pray that this journey of mine will also give young hearts the dream to open there own studio one day. I have never been more passionate about anything as much as I am about teaching dance. This is a dream come true and I’m excited to present Company A Dance and Studios.

~ Miss Alex

Wesley is the owner of South Ark Weather, LLC which owns and operates You may contact him at

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