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Crossett Area Chamber Of Commerce Announces New Chamber Director

Welcoming Our New Chamber Director, Christopher Scott Wall!

Dear Crossett Area Chamber of Commerce Community and Family,

We are thrilled to introduce our new Chamber Director, Christopher Scott Wall. Chris brings with him over 20 years of military experience, with a focus on operations, logistics, supply chain, and quality assurance.

His exceptional analytical and organizational leadership skills, coupled with his ability to quickly master new roles and technologies, make him a valuable addition to our team.

Chris has a proven track record of conducting operations in fast-paced environments with stellar results. As an operations and logistics manager, he has focused on developing and implementing process controls and quality improvement initiatives that reduce costs and increase company revenue.

He is a demonstrated leader with the ability to maximize constituent performance and skillsets to obtain organizational strategic objectives and gain a competitive advantage.

In his previous roles within the United States Army, Chris has served as an Observer, Coach & Trainer, Personnel Supervisor/Manager, Supervisor, Instructor & Trainer, and Quality Assurance Specialist. These roles have equipped him with a diverse set of skills and experiences that will undoubtedly benefit our Chamber.

Chris is not just a leader; he is also a mentor and a trainer. He has created, managed, and evaluated the training of thousands of employees, adhering to all policies and procedures. His ability to foster an environment of creative learning for all levels of constituents ensures full understanding and promotes open and honest communication.

We are confident that Chris’s leadership and vision will contribute significantly to the growth and prosperity of our local community. We look forward to seeing the positive changes that Chris will bring in his new role to our Community.

Please join us in welcoming Chris to the Crossett Area Chamber of Commerce. We are excited about the future under his leadership!

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