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Crossett Ark SD Student Sophomore Experience Fire Life With Crossett Ark FD

Joshua Teutsch, a 10th grader from Crossett High School, has spent the second half of his sophomore year in the Owl Program (Opportunity for Work Based Learning). Joshua expressed that he wanted to work in the fire department. After talking with Assistant Chief Wilhite about the OWL program, the fire department was glad to have Josh on board. Josh has enjoyed his time after school with the young firefighters and medics. The guys have given him a great experience showing him about “Fire Life”. What they have also done, is guided him down the path of a potential full or part time post high school career. Successful partnerships with public agencies and local businesses are key to supporting these wonderful young adults in the Owl Program governed by Arkansas Rehabilitation and Arkansas Transition.

Students like Josh get the chance to see what careers are really like when they get the chance to job shadow at places like the Crossett Fire Department. Josh’s job was setup with Assistant Chief Wilhite back in January. The fire department welcomed Josh with open arms after school. He has been going to the fire department twice a week for two hours and helping do odds and end jobs around the fire station. Josh has really enjoyed the job shadowing and extra money this opportunity has given him. Most students in high school don’t really know what they want as a career after high school. Being able to see what goes on in a career first hand gives students an idea if they would want to spend time in school for it.

Submitted by: Mrs. Donna Culpepper, CHS

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