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Crossett Arkansas Fire Department Gets New 100 Foot E- One Platform Ladder Truck Purchased Fully

Crossett Fire Department had the honor today of taking delivery of a 100 foot E-One Platform Ladder Truck purchased in full by Georgia Pacific of Crossett. This truck is a great addition to our fleet for firefighting and rescue

Monday, July 13 at 2 pm CFD will have a dedication ceremony including a “push in” ceremony which is steeped in firehouse tradition. The ceremony dates back more than 100 years to a time before fire trucks were motorized and operated with horse drawn equipment. In those days, firefighters had to actually push their trucks into the station after a call.

Due to Covid 19, masks will be encouraged for attendance and we will also go live on Facebook for those who choose to watch from home.

“This project was undertaken in connection with the settlement of an enforcement action, United States v. Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC and Georgia Pacific Consumer Operations LLC, taken on behalf of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment, Division of Environmental Quality under the Clean Air Act.”

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