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Dallas County Ark Sheriff Thanks U.S Marshall’s Service & The Fordyce Ark Police Dept With 2 Arrested Facing Charges Of Rape & Internet Stalking Of Child

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of the U.S. Marshal Service, the Fordyce Police Department, and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office two men are behind bars facing felony charges including Rape, Internet stalking of a child, First degree endangering the welfare of a minor, Introducing a controlled substance into the body of another person, etc.

28 year old Jerry Marshall, and 27 year old Nicholas Robinson both of Fordyce were arrested on Friday.

The arrests came as a result of an investigation into an event wherein the men allegedly used cell phones and social media to solicit, entice, and lure two juvenile victims, one 15 and one 13 to meet them for sex. Once they had the children in the vehicle they proceeded to a gas station and engaged in a shoot out with another party while these children were forced to take cover in the floorboards of the vehicle. After which the men took the children to a local motel where they engaged in drug use and unprotected sexual activity which occurred over the next two nights. Both children were treated medically and will receive follow up services from D.H.S.

Marshall had active felony warrants for aggravated robbery in connection with an armed robbery and car jacking last month in the City of Fordyce. Both men are being held at the Dallas County Jail. The investigation is ongoing and more arrests are expected.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office has taken an aggressive position against drugs and internet predators over the past year with many arrests and convictions. According to Investigator Chuck Barker this incident demonstrates why it’s so very important for law enforcement to remain proactive in this effort in order to continue to protect, and provide a safe environment for our local children.

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