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Dallas County Arkansas Sheriff Department Weekly Report Friday November 10th 2023

Good morning,

The orange army is arriving! The opening gun deer season begins tomorrow, and I want to remind everyone to stay safe while hunting. As most of you know my past career was working in the field as a game warden. I have witnessed many times how fast a family outing in the deer woods has turned tragic. Please wear your required hunter orange and remember to tell someone where you will be in the event of an emergency. Also, tree stand accidents are a common occurrence each season. Please check your stands before hunting in them for anything from wasps to rotten wood. Every year we receive calls to look for someone or deliver messages concerning loved ones, and no one knows where to begin. Our population in Dallas County will quadruple over the next few weeks, so be mindful of this while traveling our rural county roads. Be sure of your target and background and good luck!! Last but not least, guns and alcohol don’t mix!

To view story of man charged with threatening local law enforcement click below :

Mr. Rucker has recovered from Covid and is back at work. Thanks for all of the prayers for him during his recovery. He and his crew have had a busy week. He began Monday by mowing the extension center office lawn and cleaning up around all of the local dumpsters. He assisted the Bradley County Sheriff with some Bradley County inmates preparing for an upcoming festival. He finished up the week picking up trash and mowing the senior citizen’s center and health department lawns. On that same note, PLEASE don’t discard your trash on our highways and county roads. Mr. Rucker and the inmates work extremely hard to keep our roads and highways looking good. Take some pride in how our community looks for everyone. It never ceases to amaze me the trash I see thrown out of vehicles across our county. I am in the process of strategically placing cameras in places that are frequently littered along our roads. Think before you throw your trash out! I’m sure you could use the $1000.00 it will cost you if caught doing this.

I hope everyone gets to spend some time with family this weekend enjoying the outdoors and making memories. I spent last weekend with my granddaughters hunting and was blessed to see my oldest harvest her 5th deer.

Remember our motto here for all of you drug dealers. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes!

To view Felony Friday click below:

Have a great weekend!

I want to wish all of our veterans a happy Veterans Day! Freedom is not free and without them we would not be the country we are today! THANKS to all that have served and made that ultimate sacrifice.

Stay safe and God Bless,

Sheriff Mike Knoedl

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