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Defense Response To State Motion Of Summary Of Judgement Against Eudora Ark Mayor

Eudora Ark Mayor Collins and his attorneys have responded to the states summary of judgement. Defendants response to motion for summary judgement and incorporated memorandum in support of his response to motion for summary judgement.

Comes now Defendant, Travis Collins, by through his attorneys, McKissic & Associates, PLLC and for his response to plaintiffs motion for summary of judgement states :

  1. Defendant denies each and every material allegation contained in the Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgement and specifically denies that Plaintiff’s is entitled to Summary Judgement.
  2. That Defendant adopts by reference the arguments and assertions raised in his memorandum in support of his response contained herein.
  3. That Defendant denies that he was convicted of felony hot check fraud in Saline County, Arkansas in 1999 pursuant to Ark. Code Ann. §16-90-1417.
  4. Plaintiff’s entire cause of action is predicated upon their interpretation of Article 5 Section 9 of the Constitution of the State Of Arkansas 1874, which provides, “No person hereafter convicted of embezzlement of public money, bribery, forgery or other infamous crime, shall be eligible to the General Assembly or capable of holding any office of trust or profit in this State. “
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