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Dermott City Council UNITY and Community Ticket

Written by Mary Laura Courtney

A group of women have chosen to run for Dermott City Council. India Donald Ford is a wife, mother, educator, and community activist, who loves Dermott. She has been involved in many election campaigns. She sees the problems in Dermott and wants to see improvements for the citizens of Dermott. Tonya Allen is a single mother of a beautiful little boy, was born and raised in Dermott. She works in the Dermott School District in the cafeteria. Tonya loves Dermott. She also sees the problems that the citizens of Dermott face and truly wants to fix these problems for all of the citizens. Mary Laura Courtney was raised in Dermott, graduated from Dermott High School in 1977. She is a mother and retired school teacher. She moved in California in 1984 and in 2013 decided that it was time to return home. She loves Dermott and cried when she saw the condition of the town and the hardships that all of the citizens were facing when she returned. She vowed to herself that she would get involved in cleaning up and repairing the problems the citizen of this town face.
These women come from different backgrounds, different political beliefs, but they all share the same vision for Dermott, Arkansas. They agree on a plan to improve Dermott for all of her citizens. YES! A Liberal, a Moderate, and a Conservative are running together to improve Dermott. They stand on the common ground of cleaning up and repairing Dermott and will let nothing stop them. They do not allow their political beliefs to prevent them from working together as a functioning unit to make Dermott the town that it should be for all of the people that live here and will live here in the future. They all believe that, given the political atmosphere in the country right now, it is important to show the area, the state, the nation, and the world that political beliefs should not stop people from working together as a group. That it is not impossible to come together to achieve a common goal. These women are going to prove this. These women are going to make history in Dermott, Arkansas when elected.

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