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Desha County Arkansas Sheriff’s Weekly Report

Sheriff’s Weekly Report:

For the month of September, the Sheriff’s Office responded to 58 calls for service, and patrolled 20,956 miles. We served 59 civil and criminal papers, wrote 26 reports, and conducted 48 property checks. During the course of their patrols, Deputies recorded 5 citizen assists. With the decrease of available State Troopers in our area, our Office has increased our traffic enforcement, to protect the motoring public. We issued 51 tickets, and gave 141 warnings, with 8 arrests, with four of those being felony drug arrest, while working a total of 10 motor vehicle crashes on the highways. We worked 5 Circuit Court dockets, and 2 District Court dockets. During this month, the Criminal Investigation Division submitted 7 felony case files to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and conducted 8 first appearance hearings.




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