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Desha County Arkansas Witnessing Flooding History

Desha County Ark are witnessing history being made. The Arkansas River Floods have surpassed previous records and there is devastation all along it’s length. Personnel from Watson FD are working in tandem with those of Mcgehee FD, Desha County Sheriff’s Dept, Desha County Office of Emergency Management, Arkansas Game and Fish, Arkansas State Police, Local Volunteers and several other agencies have been working around the clock to help mitigate and contain this event at the community of Pendleton. So far, we have conducted rescues of 31 Furry/Feathery Friends as well as mitigated 11 potential hazardous materials incidents. We have assisted residents in evacuating many of their possessions as well. Preparations began more than two weeks ago as news of flooding in Oklahoma and Kansas reached us. In that time, around 14000 sandbags have been deployed in attempt to give buildings as much protection as possible, although for many structures it has proven to be not enough. Some of the people out here have been working for days with very little sleep and all but a very few are volunteers. Despite the heartbreak we feel for those affected by this disaster, we have been doing our best to keep spirits up. We would like to thank all of those who are volunteering their time, and equipment to help. We could not have done this without you. We are attaching a few pictures to show a glimpse of the area and the people working but we are not including those who may identify a person’s home out of respect. #flood2019 #razorbacknavy

Desha County Ark OEM Terry says over 756 documented volunteers hours so far at Pendleton.

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