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Dewitt Arkansas Drug Bust On Lee St Lands 2 In Jail With $2,389, 2 Vehicles Seized

On Thursday, June 15, 2023, Officers with the DeWitt Police Department, and the Arkansas County Sheriff Department executed a search warrant at 1508 Lee Street in DeWitt. Upon searching the residence officers located approximately 2lbs of Marijuana, 315 vapes containing THC. Also found was a vacum sealer and baggies commonly used for packing Marijuana. A rifle, money counter, and other drug paraphernalia was also found in the residence. Officers also seized $2,389.00 in cash, and 2 vehicles. Matthew and Karissa Golden were arrested and taken to the Arkansas County Detention Center.
Officers have seen a rise in teens having possession of THC vapes. This is a concern to the DeWitt Police Department and should be to the citizens of DeWitt. We had people at the scene calling us petty along with other names, which does not bother us in the least. This just shows the mentality of the people we are dealing with. I as the Chief of Police cannot and will not stand idly by when our children are getting these THC vapes in their possession and getting high. So, I am giving everyone fair warning if you are selling these vapes, we are coming after you. In fact, if you are selling anything illegal, we are coming after you. To those of you who are complaining about us not arresting meth dealers, Marijuana is not always the reason we run these search warrents and just because certain people dont have any at the time does not mean they dont sell it. So, with this being said to the people who are aginst us doing our job, i hope your children do not start with these vapes then switch to something stronger to obtain a better high. If you wont help protect your children, we will, and the ones of you who want to protect your children from things like drugs we want to thank you and help you.
Thank you and God Bless
Chief Steven R. Bobo

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