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Drew County Ark NAACP 6042 Holds Know Your Rights On Saturday October 12th At 4 pm

Good afternoon, on October 12th 2019 at 4:00 pm at 119 S Boyd Street, Monticello (G-Plex) an informational event Know Your Rights will be held. Being stopped by the police is a stressful experience. Prayerfully, this event will educate our community specifically targeting our young people of their rights and how to comply when faced by law enforcement.

This is a personal invitation encouraging our community leaders to continue to support our young people and be proactive in educating them of their basic rights under the U.S Constitution and Civil Rights laws.

A state Civil Rights group from Little Rock will come and conduct the conversation by using different scenarios and answering questions the audience may have. This group normally consist of attorneys, local illustrators, and activists who are willing to start the conversation.

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