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Drew County Arkansas Quorum Court Member Rene Knowles Issues Statement About Trash Issues

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Hey everyone. I am not a post person. If you are not aware, I am on the Drew County Quorum Court. One of the issues that has always been a problem to me is the solid waste. We had a meeting this week and certain parties suggested raising the trash bill; I have fought for the people of this county to not increase your trash bill. There has been all kinds of discussions on how to collect delinquent solid waste bills. Some are to not let you pay your taxes unless your trash bill has been paid, which means you cannot get car tags etc. I am not sure what is going to end up happening, I do not want the people that are paying their bill to have to pay more with an increase to cover the customers that are not paying their bills. And the customers that may be having problems during this time to have more burdens placed on them Please if you owe a delinquent trash/ solid waste bill try to get it paid; at least talk to someone in charge of solid waste to try to get this issue solved. The list of delinquent customers may at any time be published. Thank you. Just trying to serve my community.

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