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El Dorado ‘Tip of the CAP’ Event in Southern Arkansas

The ‘Tip of the CAP’ event in El Dorado will celebrate highway improvements in Southern Arkansas made possible by the ½ cent sales tax revenue dedicated to road and bridge projects.  

In 2012, Arkansas voters approved a constitutional amendment that established a 10-year, half-cent sales tax to be used for road and bridge improvements. This resulted in the Connecting Arkansas Program (CAP).  The CAP is one of the largest highway construction programs undertaken by the Arkansas Department of Transportation. 

“Thanks to the support of the Arkansas State Legislature, Governor and ultimately the approval by Arkansas voters, the last 10 years have generated $1.8 billion, funding 31 projects and 200 miles of roadway and bridge improvements,” explained ARDOT Director Lorie Tudor.  “Those projects include some important highway improvements in Southern Arkansas.  We are excited to showcase and to celebrate these projects and theprogress that has been made in improving traveler safety and promoting Southern Arkansas’ job growth and economy.”

This first ‘Tip of the CAP’ event and will include celebrating completion of widening the Highway 167 Corridor between Little Rock and El Dorado.  Other highway improvements in Southern Arkansas include widening portions of Highway 82 and Highway 425.  

Former Arkansas Highway Commission Chairman Madison Murphy will join current Highway Commissioners and other state and local officials for the first ‘Tip of the CAP’ eventThursday, September 8 from 4-6 p.m. at the Murphy Arts District Amphitheatre.

This Fall, more ‘Tip of the CAP’ events are planned to commemorate and celebrate the progress made in other regions of the State because of this significant public investment in the State’s roads and bridges.

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