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Election Information Update For Special Election Early Vote For Crossett Arkansas Tuesday August 4th

Tuesday, August 4th, the registered voters for the CITY OF CROSSETT will begin to early vote for their favorite mayoral candidate. The Ashley County Clerk’s Office along with the Ashley County Election Commission ask you, the voters, to mask up before entering the early vote sites. Remember to social distance and be courteous at all times. Be prepared to show your ID. Be prepared to state your name, your current residential address, your date of birth. We realize these are all things that are provided on your ID, but the STATE LAW must be followed. After you cast your ballot, please exit the building in a quiet and orderly manner.

If for some reason, you are sick and have a fever, we ask you to STAY HOME. There are OTHER OPTIONS ON VOTING. There’s still time to absentee vote or you can designate a bearer to come to the Ashley County Clerk’s Office in Hamburg and pick up the necessary paperwork needed for you to receive a ballot. There’s always a way to vote. Remember, OUR POLL WORKER LIVES MATTER TOO!

If anyone has any problems during this election, contact your Ashley County Clerk Christie Martin at (870) 853-2020.

Early Vote Sites are as follows:
Ashley County Clerk’s Office, 205 E Jefferson Street, Suite 5, in Hamburg AND at the Crossett Economic Development Community Center, 105 West 2nd Avenue, in Crossett which is directly behind the Bi-Centennial Park.

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