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Fake Cop Busted: Fake GCSO Deputy in GARLAND COUNTY Ark



On Saturday 06/04/2016 at approximately 1300 hours Garland County Sheriff’s Deputy Tatum was dispatched to the area of LaCrosse Street in reference to a suspicious vehicle, specifically a blue Dodge truck, with a Hispanic male dressed like a police officer. Once in the area Deputy Tatum spotted a vehicle matching the description and initiated a traffic stop in the Harps parking lot on Thornton Ferry Road.

Deputy Tatum identified the subject as Wilmar Perez (D.O.B. 11/26/1990), who stated he was a Pike County Deputy. Garland County dispatchers called the Pike County Sheriff’s Department who stated they did not have a deputy by that name. Deputy Tatum noticed a radio microphone draped over the seat and a white pullover that said Sheriff. Deputy Tatum then asked Mr. Perez if he had any weapons to which Mr. Perez said yes, and allowed Deputy Tatum to remove a Glock that was fully loaded with a bullet in the chamber from a holster on his left side. Mr. Perez was found to be wearing a full duty rig (Sam Brown) along with a hand held scanner that was tuned to Garland County’s channel.

Mr. Perez was found to have an arrest warrant out of Bryant Police Department and was placed in custody at approximately 1304 hours. A search of his vehicle incident to arrest yielded a complete and accurate Garland County Sheriff’s Department silver tan uniform shirt with Mr. Perez’s name stitched on it.

Mr. Perez was subsequently charged with 5-37-208 Criminal Impersonation Class A Msd, and 5-37-120 Carrying a Firearm Class A Msd.

Fake Cop Busted: Fake GCSO Deputy Found With Full Duty Rig Including Loaded Pistol; Arrest – GARLAND COUNTY

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