Hamburg Ark FD Gets Award $99,536 For Replacement Air Packs

Hamburg Fire Department recently applied for and was awarded a grant from the Arkansas Blue & You Foundation in the amount of $99,536 for the replacement of their air packs. The department’s current Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus cache consists of thirteen air packs, and 23 spare bottles. Of these units, there are a mix of SCBAs with key safety parts that are not interchangeable with the other SCBAs, many of the air cylinders are nearing their end of life date, and they do not meet current National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) Standards. Hamburg Fire Department seeks to provide adequate safety resources to our firefighters by utilizing these funds to purchase 13 new MSA G1 SCBAs that meet current NFPA standards. The new SCBAs offer some of the latest technology available to firefighters regarding safety and efficiency while operating in immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH) environments. Some key features of the new SBCAs are the integrated PASS device, Heads Up Display (HUD), electronic voice amplifier, integrated thermal imaging camera, emergency breathing supply system (EBSS), quick connect fitting on air cylinders. The integrated PASS device alarms either automatically when a firefighter is motionless or activated manually when a firefighter is trapped or lost so they can be found and rescued. Electronic voice amplification is a shoulder strap mounted speaker module that provides loud and clear communications from the regulator microphone while maintaining low profile to aid in reducing snag points. An integrated Thermal Imaging Camera provides EVERY firefighter with the ability to see within dark and smoke-filled environments, aiding in your operation’s speed and effectiveness from the initial 360, to working the fire, overhaul and rescue. The Emergency Breathing Supply System (EBSS) uses intermediate-pressure air to provide firefighters with emergency breathing air by allowing firefighters to quickly and easily interconnect to fellow firefighter’s air supply. Also, each firefighter will be issued an individual face piece that they have been fit tested to wear ensuring a proper fit and seal. These features are not only key safety aspects for the firefighter by reducing weight and snag points that could cause a firefighter to become trapped but also greatly aid in cost effectiveness of the department in reducing the amount of costly equipment needed and maintenance to keep all equipment operational. Hamburg Fire Department is extremely grateful to the Arkansas Blue & You Foundation for funding such vital program that helps better serve each member of the community. Hamburg Fire Department is committed to the safety of our city and surrounding communities.

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