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Hampton Ark Junior Police Officer Chance Reads To Hampton Ark SD Elementary 1st Grade

We are proud to announce that each student in the Hampton elementary 1st grade are now official Jr. Hampton Police Officers, after promising to always say no! & remember that they are super just the way they are!! Today Officer Chance made a surprise visit to each of the Hampton elementary 1st grade classrooms, armed with superhero drug free coloring books with information on the dangers of drugs and how to call 911 if they ever see them or need us, as well as Jr. Hampton Police Officer badge stickers! After briefly speaking with them about the dangers of drugs and what to do if they ever see them, he explained that super heroes always say no because they are born super & awesome, just like each of them!!!!! He explained that if they ever touched them that they would lose their powers! Welcome to the team super Hampton 1st graders!!!!!! ?????

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