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Head Coach Introductory Press Conference is Major Success

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The University of Arkansas Monticello held an introductory open press conference on Thursday, April 22 in the UAM Student Success Center. The press conference was held to introduce UAM’s newest head volleyball coach, Katrina English, and head women’s basketball coach, David Midlick, to the Athletics Department. The press conference was a major success, and the university looks forward to backing both coaches as their first seasons begin in the fall of 2022.

English will lead Monticello’s program after spending this past season as the Head Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Coach at Kentucky State University. She led the Men’s Program through their Spring 2021 Covid-19 season and in the Fall 2021 season the Women’s Team finished tied for second in the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference with a 15-3 record. English is the sixth Head Volleyball Coach in the program’s history at UAM.

“I am enthusiastic and focused about the opportunity to build with the UAM Family and Community. I am looking forward to fortifying a foundation of winning and all that entails.” said English in her UAM announcement press release.

Here is the transcript from English’s opening statement at Thursday’s press conference:
“Hello! How is everybody doing? Thank you for having me today and having this opportunity to welcome me on campus. Like Coach Jackson said, this has been a great transition, and I also want to the ladies that are bringing me in here and building with me, as well as AD Lusby, as she did have the hands on transition and that was a smooth transition as well. Thank you Dr. Doss and Jackson. With my new hire here, we’re looking to continue to bring and build on what’s already here and establish the foundation of winning. Establishing that in the class room and off the classroom and make sure we are a representation of what greatness and competitive greatness will, and can continue to, be. Right now we’re focusing on the three Cs. Which are what? Compassion, composure, and confidence. Those are the things that we’re focusing on with the returners this year, and looking to bring in about 7-10 more ladies, so that we can develop the strength of the program. I’m excited to be here, it’s been awesome these first four weeks, and I can’t ask for a greater place and staff to be a part of. Thank you.”

Midlick most recently served as an Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach at Southeastern Missouri (SEMO) in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. His coaching experience also includes serving as Head Coach of the Austin Peay University Women’s Basketball team (where he first served as a volunteer assistant for Austin Peay Men’s Basketball from 2003 through 2006 to start his college coaching career). He led the Governors to 18 regular season wins in 2019-20, which is the most regular-season wins in program history since the 2003-04 team won 20 regular-season games. Midlick is the 10th Head Women’s Basketball Coach in the program’s history at UAM.

“I want our fans to be proud of the team in the classroom, on the court, and in the community.  I am looking forward to this journey with a great group of student athletes.” Midlick said in his UAM announcement press release.

Here is the transcript from Midlick’s opening statement at Thursday’s press conference:
“Thank you. Thank you everyone for being here. First I want to thank Dr. Doss. You just impressed me so much when I interviewed with you, just explaining the mission of this university and then how athletics can play a big part of it, and I take that seriously. So, thank you for meeting with me and thank you for explaining that to me. I just found out five minutes ago that I’m not really allowed to personally thank the search committee, so I will just let the search committee, that was led by Coach Jackson, and just everyone that he introduced in the athletics department; I’ve been in those offices probably 10 times each day since Monday and I just appreciate how helpful you’ve been, how welcoming you’ve been, and being able to just kind of get my feet on the ground with what’s going on this first wek. It’s definitely been a whirlwind, and I definitely, most lastly, want to thank my wife Leslie. She’s allowed me to pursue my passion since 2003 and it has not always been easy. I think she does enjoy it as well too most of the time. I think she loves me, but I know for sure I love her. We’ll be 28 years in June, and I hope there’s another 28, so I love you and thank you. Three things I want to touch on real quick. The UAM and Monticello community; I want you to have a team you can be proud of on the court and off the court. I get that that when I’ve been at other schools, you know, what can we do to help? Come to the games. Support these young women on the floor, be in the stands, be loud, cheer, support them; they’re going to put a lot of hard work into it. I know the volleyball team is going to put a lot of hard work in; I’m going to be at your games, and I hope you come out and support all the athletic teams this upcoming year at the university. To the former Cotton Blossoms, I’ve spoke with a few of them. This is your team. This is your program. I want the former players that have invested in the school, and invested in this program, to feel welcome, to want to come back, to want to be a part of it, and to be proud of what we’re doing on the floor. So, I invite them back; I’m going to do my best to get them back on campus and to connect with them. Then the team now. We’re on this journey together. It’s not I did this, it’s not you did that, it’s we, and we’re about to get to work. Thank you.”

The press conference turned out to be a major success as there was coaches and players from every sport on campus, various staff members from around campus, corporate sponsors, and fans from around the Monticello area all in attendance, eager to hear from the newest leaders in the UAM Athletics Department.

We would also like to extend a thank you to all those that were in attendance, as well as to our newest head coaches. We look forward to watching you build your programs.

*The conference begins at 1:35.

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