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Hermitage High School Class Of 2020 Senior Convoy Friday May 15th At 6 pm


The Hermitage High School Class of 2020 will have a Senior Convoy on our original graduation date, Friday May 15th, at 6:00 p.m. Due to the coronavirus restrictions, the route has been extended. The convoy will be led by the police and drive down the following streets: Starting at the Community Center, travel North on Hickory Street, East on Pine Avenue, South on Oak Street, East on 4th Street, North on Hermit Drive, East on Hwy 15, North on Farmville road, West on Pine Avenue, North on North School Drive, West on Maple Avenue, South on Hermit Drive, West on Hwy 15, South on Main Street, West on 4th Street, South on Hickory Street, and ending at the Community Center.

The rules for the convoy are as follows:

•Students remain in their vehicles at ALL times.

•No crowds forming along the route. Please spread out along the route.

•Law enforcement present to ensure crowds do not form.

Thank you to the City of Hermitage for working with us on this!❤️

**disclaimer: This is NOT our graduation. We are having graduation July. This is just a fun way to celebrate!

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