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Jefferson County Arkansas Patrol Division Receives Numerous Calls About Unsafe Firearms

The Jefferson County Patrol Division has received numerous calls over the past few weeks regarding people in the area shooting firearms in an unsafe manner.

Although it is legal to shoot firearms in the county, we want to remind you of Jefferson County Ordinance 1995-42 regarding unsafe discharge of a firearm.

The purpose of the ordinance shall be to control the unsafe discharge of firearms near residential areas, parks, churches, highways, county roads, business establishments, and any other place where such discharges may cause harm to persons or property. Therefore a person may be found to be in violation of this Ordinance when the discharge of a firearm may cause harm or create the apprehension of imminent physical injury in another person. A person may be found to be in violation of this Ordinance if he recklessly engages in conduct that creates a substantial risk of damage to another person’s property, by the unsafe discharge of a firearm in the aforementioned areas.

The penalty for Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm in Jefferson County shall be:
1st Offense: $250
2nd Offense: $500 plus forfeiture of weapon.

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