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Jefferson County Arkansas Sheriff Deparment Awards Daniel Allen With Citizen To The Rescue


On Wednesday morning, Sgt. Johnathan Powell was on his way to work when he realized he had a flat tire. While on the side of the road changing his tire, Mr. Daniel Allen stopped and offered to help, but Sgt. Powell thanked him and refused the offer.

Mr. Allen did not accept ‘no’ for an answer and assisted Sgt. Powell anyway. Mr. Allen, who is 73 years old, went above and beyond to assist Sgt. Powell. He had gotten dirty trying to get the spare tire from underneath the vehicle. Mr. Allen stated that he didn’t mind. He felt as though he was just doing his job as a citizen.

In today’s climate, it sometimes feels as though law enforcement officers don’t have much support from the public. Mr. Allen’s willingness to step in and help without being asked really meant a lot to Sgt. Powell and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

As a small token of appreciation, Sheriff Lafayette Woods, Jr. invited Mr. Allen to his office and appointed him as a Special Sheriff. He also presented him with various other gifts in an effort to let Mr. Allen know how much he is appreciated.

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