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Key Awarded Pedagogy Article of the Year

MONTICELLO, Ark. — In April, Dr. Adam Key, of the University of Arkansas at Monticello (UAM), was awarded the Journal of Communication Pedagogy Article of the Year Award from the Central States Communication Association (CSCA) for his article, “Sounds About White: Critiquing the NCA Standards for Public Speaking Competency.”

Dr. Key is an assistant professor of Communication and serves as the director of the Master of Fine Arts in Debate and Communication program at UAM. He explained his research for the article, stating, “While the Communication discipline has made significant strides toward being anti-racist, it was important to me to examine the place where almost every college student interacts with us: the Public Speaking class. My research demonstrates that we demand students talk in a way normalized by the white upper-middle class to get good grades. I’m thrilled that my work is being recognized and hopeful it makes an impact.”

Dr. Steven Harper, dean of the School of Arts and Humanities at UAM, congratulated Dr. Key, stating, “This is an exceptional honor. It is a recognition of both Dr. Key’s own outstanding work, as well as the intellectual vitality fostered by UAM.” 

According to an announcement email from Dr. Tiffany R. Wang, executive director of CSCA, the Pedagogy Article of the Year Award is “one of Central States Communication Association’s most prestigious association wide awards.”

Dr. Wang noted, “CSCA is an academic organization of communication professionals including college and university professors, students and K-12 educators. CSCA was founded in 1931 to promote the communication discipline in educational, scholarly and professional endeavors. The organization has grown to become the largest regional communication association in the United States and the fourth largest academic communication association in the world.”

For more information, contact the UAM School of Arts and Humanities at 870-460-1078.

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