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Lakeside School District will follow the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) guidelines and the Arkansas Ready For Learning Model issued by the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) in the planning for reopening during the 2020 – 2021 school year.

Our goal will be to provide a healthy, safe and clean environment for students and staff members, which will enhance the learning opportunities for our students to socially interact and increase the educational experience through blending and personalized learning while adhering to the guidelines provided by the Arkansas Department of Health.

The following information will help answer many of the questions you may have about reopening school.

Response Levels for On-Site Learning (Arkansas Ready for Learning)

Point of Contact (POC) Flowchart for Covid-19 School Plan

*Please see below for a Frequently Asked Questions Section.

This FAQ is a living document and as such will be updated regularly with information as it becomes available.

  1. What is the reopen plan for this school year?

The first day of school for students is August 24, 2020. This date will only change if the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) sends updated guidance which prohibits districts from starting on this date. Parents are asked to begin enrolling their children now.

Phase 1:  Lakeside School District will begin the school year with an augmented schedule running from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm daily.  Lakeside School District has adopted a blended learning model to be used after 1:30 pm which means students will continue learning on the bus and at home daily through remote learning.  The schools will focus on a re-entry curriculum plan based on the recommendations from the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  The augmented school schedule stated above will remain in place for at least the first four weeks of school.  Parents will be notified prior to any changes in this schedule.

Phase 2: Re-evaluation and  adjustment of the schedule will be based on direct instruction from DESE.  A full day schedule will be determined by the district’s leadership team in conjunction with DESE and ADH.  The district will keep the public up to date on any changes made to the school district schedule.

  1. What are some key definitions?
  • On-Site: Learning that occurs at school, sometimes referred to as face-to-face.
  • Remote: Learning that occurs at home or another site away from school. Remote learning will occur online and may include both asynchronous and synchronous learning methods.
  • Blended: Students attend school-based on-site learning and remote learning through a combination of asynchronous and synchronous online teaching and learning methods.
  • Synchronous Online Learning – Learning in which students interact at the same time and in the same place.
  • Asynchronous Online Learning – Methods of asynchronous online learning include self-guided lesson modules, streaming video content, virtual libraries, posted lecture notes, and exchanges across discussion boards or social media platforms
  1. What is the difference between Alternate Method of Instruction (AMI) and remote learning?

The Arkansas Ready for Learning Model provides the school district the flexibility to utilize waivers for remote learning with the assurance that learning continues and the school district has the ability to move to face-to-face, blended, or remote learning as needed without AMI approval or make-up days.  AMI packets were initially established for whole school short term school dismissal due to inclement weather.  Students through AMI have the opportunity for skill reinforcement, remediation and enrichment through electronic or conventional paper resources.  With blended learning, students in grades K-12 will be issued devices to use at home for remote learning. Lakeside School District is working to expand wifi opportunities for students to engage in remote lessons synchronously and asynchronously.  In summary, remote learning provides for continued learning in real time of new material, whereas AMI material was primarily review material and meant to be short term.

  1. Has the district chosen a Learning Management System (LMS)?

A Learning Management System is an online location platform that helps individuals manage administration, tracking, reporting and delivery of courses, lessons and tests. Upon DESE approval, Lakeside School District will use the following Learning Management Systems:

  1. Do the Lakeside School District’s Schools have a virtual option for my student?

Lakeside School District is extremely concerned about our student’s access to high-speed internet at home.   The administrators in our district have repeatedly voiced this concern to our state education leaders, but no solution currently exists. The district is making plans for

online/blended learning, should health conditions require that type of instruction.

Requests from parents for students in grades PreK-12 to attend school in a totally online

format should be directed to the school’s principal by July 24th or as soon as possible.  Parents and students must ensure the district that they have adequate high-speed internet (connectivity beyond a cell phone  hot-spot) in order to attend digitally. If this request is granted, parents and students should understand that they are committing to this type of learning for a minimum of one semester, attendance will be monitored, and meals will not be delivered to your home. An exception to the one semester lock-in will be permitted for those students whose parents have a change in circumstances that would result in the student being unable to be supervised during the school day, such as employment in a new position; such students will be allowed to transition back into the physical classroom. At the end of one semester, administrators will review each request before granting an extension into the following semester.

**If interested in the virtual learning option, please go to the district webpage and complete the virtual learning enrollment form.**

  1. Are Virtual students still responsible for state assessments?

Yes, all virtual students must complete assessments mandated by the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education. Each assessment has a specific time period for schools to complete the required assessment. Online students are required to be on campus for these assessments during each assessment period.  Individual campuses will contact parents/guardians regarding required assessments and screenings.   Transportation on assessment days will be provided by the district.

  1. What happens if schools are prevented from having onsite instruction again?

Remote learning will take place if schools are prevented from having onsite instruction. This plan includes Pre-K -6th grade using Google Classroom, Grades PK – 8th using Zuni Learning Tree, and Grades 7th – 12th using Canvas.  Teachers will utilize Zoom, Google or other digital services to deliver live lessons and, as well as, pre-recorded lessons. Students will learn how to use these Learning Management Systems by participating in lessons throughout the week while at school.  Remote learning is considered a school day. The students’ attendance and grade for the course will be reflected by their completion of assigned lessons.   Therefore, communication between teachers, students and parents as well as completing assignments is crucial to the success of the student.

  1. How will you help fill any gaps my student has from the previous year?

The Lakeside School District will utilize the Arkansas Back-To-School Playbook as a resource for supporting students with unfinished learning when returning to school.  Curriculum teams have worked on identifying missed priority standards and these will be addressed throughout the year in the curriculum and in concentrated support systems.   Additionally, students will be assessed to determine individual strengths and deficits. These assessments will determine if students need additional support.

  1. How will the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) needs of our students be addressed?

Teachers and parents will be provided SEL tools and sites that will help them understand the needs of their child:
*G.U.I.D.E for life –
*Heart Bridge Collective –
*Mainline Mental Health Services –
*Delta Counseling Services –

Counselors will be available to support students, families, and teachers.

  1. Will face coverings be required?

Currently, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) are strongly recommending all individuals 3 years old and over wear a face covering, regardless of their grade. Lakeside School District requires all adults and students Pre-K and above wear face coverings when social distancing cannot be achieved, particularly on school buses and during all transitions. The ADH has not issued a directive to require face coverings; however, the district realizes the importance of this additional safety measure while at school.

Students with documented health issues will not be asked to wear face coverings and may be accommodated through both onsite and remote instruction. However, these students will be highly encouraged to wear face coverings especially in areas with a high concentration of students where social distancing can not be maintained.  If parents have concerns about their child or children, who may be at high-risk because of COVID-19, they may explore the virtual learning option which allows the student to continue their education from the safety of their own home.

  1. Will students and adults be screened daily?

Both students and adults will complete a daily screening tool. We will trust our parents to screen their children and not send them to school if they:

1). have  a fever of 100.4º F

2). have a cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell

3). have been in contact with a person known to be infected with COVID-19.

  1. If a student comes to school sick or get sick while in school, what will happen?

If a student is sick, he/she should not come to school. If a student becomes sick at school, the school nurse will screen the student. If a student has a temperature over 100.4, the student will be sent home and will need to be fever free for 48 hours without medication before returning to school. The student will be isolated in a designated area until parent or guardian arrives.  When the student returns to school, he/she will check in with the school nurse.

  1. If an individual tests positive for COVID-19, what will happen?

In the event an individual tests positive, we will follow the latest guidance from the ADH. We will be in direct contact with ADH. This could result in a brief closure of a single school within the district to provide time for additional cleaning and sanitation.

  1. What are the district options for COVID-19 testing?

The district is providing an opportunity for employees and students to receive rapid coronavirus (COVID-19) testing on an individual basis. While the district recommends that employees and students take advantage of this opportunity, the district shall not take any adverse action against an employee or a student for not participating in the rapid COVID-19 testing. Employees and students who choose not to participate in the rapid COVID-19 testing shall continue to be eligible to come to work and school on the same basis as those employees and students who do choose to participate in the rapid COVID-19 testing. Employees and students may opt-in to receive the rapid test by completing the form during registration or in the schools office.

  1. Will bus transportation be provided?

Yes, the district’s transportation department will continue to transport students to and from school on the bus.  Based on current Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) guidance, students age 10 and above will be required to wear face coverings when riding the bus.  However, Lakeside School District will require all students that ride a bus to wear a face covering.  We are planning to make changes to bus schedules and bus stops to prevent large groups congregating. Bus drivers will take students’ temperatures before they are allowed on the bus. Students with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will not be allowed on the bus. Drivers will make every attempt to contact parents. Parents are encouraged to keep students home with a temperature.

  1. How will car riders enter the building?

Parents are asked to keep students in their car until a school official can screen their child/children. High school students who drive their own vehicle will be screened before entering the building.

  1. Will students at the elementary still have classes like PE, art, music, guidance and library?

Yes, students will continue to participate in activity classes, check out library books, and receive guidance and gifted instruction. In some cases, the teachers may present their lessons face-to-face, remotely or through blended learning to minimize transitions. In other situations, students may go outside or utilize GoNoodle in the classroom for P.E. and physical activity.

  1. Will my elementary student have recess?

Yes, elementary students will have recess. Elementary recess may look different this year. We will utilize GoNoodle in the classroom or go outside in small groups as possible.

  1. Will ADH social distancing guidelines be observed?

Social distancing will be observed as much as possible, but at times students will be closer than the recommended 6 ft. apart. When social distancing requirements can not be maintained, such as class transitions, restroom breaks, etc., all students will be required to wear face coverings.

  1. Due to ADH guidelines, will classrooms be arranged differently to protect students?

Yes, classrooms will be arranged to provide more space between students along with additional measures. We will make every effort to provide distance but not limit students’ ability to interact and communicate with others in their classroom.

  1. Based on ADH guidelines, will we have open house, assemblies, concerts etc?

At this time, large events will occur in a virtual setting. Small in-person gatherings must comply with the most current ADH guidance.

  1. Will students be able to participate in extracurricular activities and sports in the fall?

Yes, senior high and junior high athletes have already returned to campus to begin practice based on ADH and Arkansas Activities Association (AAA) guidance. We anticipate sports activities in the fall with possible modifications as required by the ADH and AAA.

Students attending virtually will need to provide their own transportation if interested in participating in extracurricular activities and sports.

Vex after school programs in the elementary and middle schools will resume in August 2020. Students participating in Vex programs will adhere to the ADH guidelines during practice. Face masks will be mandatory during practice. Practice will run from 4:00 to 5:30 Monday through Thursday. Snacks will not be provided. Bus transportation will not be provided for Vex students, their parents must drop them off and pick them up for practice.

  1. Will there be restrictions for band and/or choir?

At this time, we are still awaiting ADH guidance on both band and choir. We will continue to serve students enrolled in band and/or choir classes while observing the most current guidelines. Band and choir will also follow AAA guidance.

  1. Will my student eat lunch in their classroom?

Yes, breakfast and  lunch will be delivered to the classrooms. Based on current guidance, the ADH is recommending schools limit the number of students in the cafeteria. Proper sanitation of all areas will be completed after each meal. Students will not self-serve or share food.  The district will provide bottled water for the students.

  1. What precautions will be implemented in regard to cleaning and sanitizing?

Sanitation and cleanliness is a high priority in the Lakeside School District. Frequently touched surfaces (door knobs…) and restrooms will be cleaned continuously throughout the school day. We have continued to purchase disinfectant sprays to quickly sanitize rooms between usage. We will also provide time for hand washing and hand sanitizer throughout our campuses. Students will be asked to sanitize their hands each time they leave and enter a new space.

  1. How will the district serve students with special health needs or weakened immune systems?

Students with special health needs or weakened immune systems will be accommodated through both onsite and remote instruction. If parents have concerns about their student, who may be at high-risk because of COVID-19, they may explore the virtual learning option which allows the student to continue their education from the safety of their own home.

  1. In the event of remote learning, how will the district serve students who have special needs (Special Education, 504, ELL, Dyslexia, etc)?

In the event of a school closure, students with broadband internet access will participate in live instruction with scheduled digital learning sessions.  Students without access to the internet will have face-to-face meetings scheduled, depending on the student’s needs.

We will provide more information in the upcoming days.

  1. What if I have other questions?

Parents should contact the schools with any concerns about their student’s well-being.

Contact information:

Lakeside School District Admin Office – 870-265-7300

Lakeside Elementary School – 870-265-2906

Eudora Elementary School- 870-355-6040

Lakeside Middle School -870-265-2970

Lakeside High School -870-265-2232

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