Editorial Policy

The mission of South Ark Daily is to serve the overall mission of South Ark Weather in the areas of Education, Information, Leadership, Community Engagement and Inspiration by ensuring:

a) Content Excellence: creating, curating and distributing the richest, most relevant and most rewarding content;

b) Activation Excellence: activating this content and this community through the most dynamic and engaging channels, including social media, conferences and podcasts;

c) Connectivity Excellence: Persistently connecting back to South Ark Weather and its membership.

South Ark Weather is a journalistic organization housed within South Ark Daily designed to serve both South Ark Daily members as well as the TV industry at large. While South Ark Daily is part of South Ark Weather, LLC, its main mission is to provide information, education, community and inspiration to anyone involved in the television industry and more specifically, entertainment marketing. The content found in South Ark Daily is journalistic in nature and does not exist to provide publicity for South Ark Weather, South Ark Daily’s members or any entity, although occasionally articles that appear on South Ark Dail may serve members’ or others’ promotional interests.

South Ark Daily adheres to journalistic standards. That means its primary goals are fairness, accuracy, integrity and truth. South Ark Daily’s reporters, writers and editors are tasked with presenting all sides of a story, as well as quoting sources with precision.

To that end, South Ark Daily’s reporters, writers and editors may agree to share on-the-record quotes with interviewees and sources prior to publication. Quotes may be “cleaned up” prior to publication, with “ums” removed or extraneous words deleted, but all quotes must be presented as close to the original as possible, with the speaker’s intent and context fully preserved.

While on-the-record quotes may be shared ahead of publication for approval, it is not South Ark Daily’s policy to share entire stories with subjects prior to publication. This is standard journalistic practice so as to avoid giving control over the reporting, writing and presentation to the other entity, as well as to avoid having any conflict of interest.

Incorrect facts — no matter how small — can and should be corrected as soon as possible. If a fact isn’t entirely wrong, but is under question or is subjective in nature, it may also be noted in a correction. South Ark Daily’s small team checks its own facts. That said, South Ark Daily’s reporters, writers and editors are not expected and are not obligated to make changes to subjective phrases, such as descriptions, for subjective reasons or objections.

It is not South Ark Daily’s objective to present any company or entity — whether a South Ark Weather member or not — in a favorable or an unfavorable light. It is South Ark Daily’s mission to cover the business of TV media marketing, with fairness, truth, accuracy and integrity. As a result, one entity’s positive phrasing may be another’s negative phrasing, with a constant aim on keeping the story fair, accurate and truthful.

Stylistically, South Ark Daily refers to the AP Stylebook.

Submissions to South Ark Weather are guided by an FAQ. Both South Ark Weather and The Work selections are chosen by South Ark Daily’s editorial team from submissions as well as their own searches. Selections are subject to South Ark Daily’s editorial process.