Local Star City Ark Restaurant Closes It's Doors

Good morning , Mr. Sledge just wanted to jump on here and let everyone know we closed the Restaurant down and explain why. Mr. Sledge and Dena M. Sledge started this up with a pocket full of money and a dream of cooking great food for our family and friends at a fair price and it started out good and we made alot of great friends along the way , the turning point was when we was having the Boudin Shack sold out from under us so we moved on the north side of town in the newest and nicest place in town but for some reason alot of people dont come to this side of town to eat because they only get 30 minutes for lunch and they stop at closest place which Mr. Sledge understand and don’t blame anyone but to follow our dream it cost us right at $60,000 last year . Mr. Sledge is so sorry to the ones that supported us but we had to close before we lost everything.

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